The end of cash? Is that the future?

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E-money - is that our future means of payment?

The latest podcast episode of 'InsideR In - Wirtschaft &Finanzen.Mittendrin' is about the future topic of e-money. So it's about electronic money and is this the future ... and thus maybe the end of cash?
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Overview of e-money:

  1. E-money: what is it?
  2. E-money license? Are these banks?
  3. Consequences for cash and traditional banks
  4. Means of payment of the future?
  5. Insider Special: VIALET a provider with an e-money license, our experience
  6. Learnings and outlook  


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What is e-money?

Electronic money (e-money or e-money) is a digital alternative to cash. It enables users to make cashless payments with money stored on a card or phone or over the internet.

The EU rules on e-money aim to do this

  • facilitate the emergence of new, innovative and secure e-money services
  • enable new companies to access the e-money market
  • to promote effective competition between all market participants 

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